Learning At Work Week 2021

AuthorNatalie Ann HolborowDigital Content Specialist

Learning at Work Week is an annual national campaign in the UK that aims to promote a learning culture and engage employees in learning. The theme for this year is ‘Made for Learning’, something which perfectly captures the passion for continuous learning that we embody every day at Thinqi.

We love working with forward-thinking organisations to help them achieve their goals using Thinqi in their L&D programmes. However, we’re also proud to have a team of people who are avid learners themselves.

To celebrate lifelong learning at work, here’s a peek at what some of the Thinqi team are busy learning at the moment.

After all, behind a smart learning platform is a team of smart thinkers.

Meet some of Thinqi’s learners

2 - Jordan.svg

Jordan, Technical support

Employee Jordan Reid, our wizard for technical support, is currently in his final year of a Software Engineering degree at university.

“The coding skills that I’m picking up web applications are allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of how Thinqi as a product operates,” says Jordan. “It allows me to see how the workflows are fleshed out from reading a code that I wouldn’t have understood prior to my studies.”

For Jordan, seeing the learning put into action in his daily work is the most rewarding aspect of his course. “I enjoy the two-hour lab sessions we do every Wednesday as they’re a great chance for me to put the skills I’ve learned to the test. I find learning is much easier when you’re practically applying your knowledge and not just reading information!”

3 - David.svg

David, DevOps

David Cornelius is not only busy with his role in DevOps here at Thinqi, but he’s also studying for a Cybersecurity Management degree which he started in January.

“It’s an opportunity to add some context and theory to practical work experience I have gained throughout my career,” says David. “It helps me to build my confidence and gives me a good foundation of tech knowledge to work from when completing tasks.”

Seeing competency increase is one benefit, but David is right to highlight that having the right knowledge can help to build a sense of confidence in daily work. It's just one example of how the power of learning goes beyond just test scores and tick boxes.

4 - Emily and Sarah-Marie.svg

Emily and Sarah-Marie, Customer success

Our customer success team love helping people towards their vision of success in digital transformation. It also turns out that they love engaging with learning to make them even better at what they do.

Senior Customer Success Specialist Emily James is currently studying ILM Leadership and Management Level 3.

“I’m enjoying it because the content is interesting and it’s throwing me in the deep end in terms of learning new skills and being able to put them into practice,” she says. “I’ve recently been promoted to a more senior role so it’s giving me all the tools I need to be effective at what I do.”

For Sarah-Marie Rowden-Cooper, her language-learning is opening doors for communicating with customers.

“I’m currently enrolled on an entry level Welsh course,” she says. “It’s nice that we’re all starting from scratch and learning together. I’m hopeful that the further we get into the course, the more I’ll be able to confidently converse in Welsh. We have a number of customers who are Welsh speakers and in future I hope to be able to contribute when handling Welsh language projects.”

However, it’s not only her work life that Sarah-Marie hopes will benefit from the learning. “Outside of work, my goal is to be able to confidently converse with friends, family and members of the community. There are a number of Welsh speakers in the area where I live.”

5 - Inês.svg

Inês, Product Design

Product Designer Inês Cunha is excited by all things design. Her learning with the Interaction Design Foundation helps her to look at the bigger picture when it comes to work.

“We can get so wrapped up in our day-to-day work that we forget to look at the bigger picture,” she says. “We forget to tap into other people’s expertise or to look at things from a different angle. Coupling work with learning really helps with that.”

What does Inês find most rewarding about the learning process?

“I really enjoy being able to do things at my own pace and exploring how other people work and think in the industry. Although I’ve encountered many of the things I’m learning in the past, the fact that I’m now actively researching and learning a little bit every day allows me to see how I can bring that information and practice into my job straight away. It’s much harder to imagine how the knowledge will be useful in a job we don’t have yet while studying.”

Knowing how the learning is relevant to daily work is key when it comes to getting people on board with workplace learning.

In summary...

Learning at Work Week is an annual reminder of the benefits of workplace learning. Research by Bersin & Associates shows that organisations with a strong learning culture significantly outperform their peers. Could your organisation benefit from a 37% increase in employee productivity? What about a 58% increased likelihood of having the skills to meet future demand?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re fresh out of university or you’ve been in your role for thirty years – there’s no age limit to improving your skills.

It’s why we at Thinqi never stop learning.


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