What's new in Thinqi? Better-than-ever insight into learner activity and more...

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It’s already been nearly a year since the initial lockdown and this third one might have you feeling a little...well, uninspired. Luckily, we’ve eschewed making banana bread for hard work behind the scenes to bring you some dazzling updates to our platform and give you better organisational tools and deeper insight into learner activity.

Yes, even those activities outside of the platform.

Not only that, but we’ve had a full makeover! Let us know what you think of our new branding and website - our social media handles are listed at the bottom of this post.

Ever wished you could organise your learners in a virtual environment to achieve a perfect reflection of your organisational structure? Wouldn’t life be easier if you had a full breakdown of all the training a learner has completed, easily accessible in one place? What about adding all-important feedback to each individual question attempt in quizzes?

Well, now you can.

But that’s not all. Read on to discover just what’s new with Thinqi this February.

What’s new?

Our ‘Organisations’ feature has had a makeover

‘Organisations’ is a handy feature within the Thinqi platform that gives you the power to organise your learners into groups and appoint a line manager to each team.

However, with remote learning now an increasing requirement, we know that there’s an ever-growing need to be able to organise learners in the virtual environment to reflect your organisational structure.

And this is exactly why we’ve given the tool a sleek new makeover, making it simpler than ever to stay organised with a smart-looking and seamless experience.


Get a full view of the learner’s completed assignments and attended events

In our latest update, we’ve saved you some serious time in sifting through each individual learner’s activity and ensured that nothing gets missed.

How? Our new ‘Learner Activity’ tab gives you a full breakdown of all the training a learner has completed. Alongside certificates, badges and the learner record, this handy new feature gives you the full picture of learner activity and achievements – minus the panicked hunt around different areas of the platform.

What’s more, the Learner Activity also allows you to easily track external activities such as on-site workshops and online webinars within the Thinqi platform. With the touch of a button, you can import a CSV of external learner activities..

Click. Job done.

Learner Activity Tab.JPG

Let learners take charge of personal development

With the latest Thinqi update, learners can add to their own personal Learner Record, giving them the opportunity to provide evidence by uploading files to Thinqi to be reviewed and verified by their line manager.

As well as allowing learners to take charge of their own personal development, it also allows them to share any additional learning with line managers, who can then reward them for their efforts.

And who doesn’t like to be rewarded, eh?

Learner Activity Filter.JPG

Provide feedback after each question attempt in a quiz

Adding feedback to quiz questions is a great way to help a learner to acknowledge where they went wrong and take that onboard when trying again.

On the flipside, positive feedback gives learners the chance to identify the areas they’re already grasping and give them that all-important confidence boost.

So, guess what? We’ve updated Thinqi so now you can do just that.


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