What's new in Thinqi? Smarter assignments and speedy org structuring...

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AuthorSteve FinchHead of Customer Success
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September is nearly over and while we’re sad about putting the suncream and flip flops away for another year, it’s hard not to be excited to share the latest updates to Thinqi’s smarter learning system, designed with you and your learners in mind.

Creating a great assignment takes time. Wouldn’t it be easier if individual team members could all build an assignment from one best practice example? What about sorting out your entire organisational structure in a few clicks?

Well, we’ve packed all of this and more into our latest release.

Sunglasses on—here are the hottest new features you can look forward to.

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Create top-quality assignments, every time

While completing an assignment can feel like a lot of work, we often forget just how long it takes to create one too. To ease some of the burden, we’ve designed all-new assignment templates in Thinqi, giving you the freedom to craft a template to be shared and used by other members of your team. What’s more, you can use the all-new discovery view to browse and select the perfect template for your needs.

Not only does this ensure a consistent format across the whole team, but it also allows subject matter experts to share their expertise with line managers to deliver to their team.

The result of a smoother knowledge-sharing process?

A culture that never stops learning.

Motivate your learners to aim higher every time

Completing an assignment takes effort. If that effort isn’t being recognised, learners risk becoming demotivated or dropping off somewhere along the learning journey.

To encourage them to keep up the great work, Thinqi now allows you to award badges to learners for reaching the scores you’ve set in the mark scheme of an assignment. Unlike assignment certificates, which take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to awarding learners for meeting one set of criteria, you can now award a different badge for each boundary in your mark scheme.

Different levels of performance mean different awards depending on learner performance. It’s a sure-fire way to drive your learners to keep aiming higher every time.

manually add and revoke badge.gif

Reward great learning, wherever it happens

Learning can happen anywhere, which is especially important to consider when you want to deliver an effective blended approach. Perhaps a learner made the effort to undertake some extra training outside of the learning system? Or maybe they attended a relevant conference or event?

Reward those positive learning behaviours by manually awarding them a badge for their efforts in Thinqi. After all, a passion for learning is something worth celebrating.

What’s more, you can also now revoke badges as a way to motivate learners to complete refresher training once it’s expired—they’ll no doubt want to earn that shiny badge back again, pronto. This is particularly useful when trying to encourage people to complete that all-important compliance training.

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Your organisational structure in a matter of clicks

Thinqi’s Organisations feature allows you to organise users and audiences to replicate the real-life structure. For example, line managers can be responsible for their own teams and more senior managers can have visibility of their own departments.

But what if you have a large number of users to organise into learner groups, departments and regions?

No need to block out a whole afternoon in the calendar. In the latest update, you can now import your entire organisational structure into Thinqi via .csv file in a matter of minutes.

Click. Upload. Done.


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