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The evenings might be getting darker and mornings frostier, but before we build ourselves up for the festive season, there’s plenty happening with Thinqi’s smarter learning system to get excited about first.

Is managing the administrative workload of compliance training giving you a headache? Is there a feature within the learning system that can help you validate that learning transfer has occurred as a result of the training?

Meet Thinqi’s Badges feature, the no-fuss solution you’ve been looking for.

Easily manage your compliance training

According to Towards Maturity, the average employee spends nearly 11 hours per year on compliance training. As an L&D manager, trying to ensure that all staff in your organisation are fully compliant in areas such as health and safety, data protection and cyber security can prove something of an administrative challenge.

Here’s how the latest updates to Thinqi’s Badges feature can make things simpler, no matter how large or complex your organisational structure.

Set expiry and renewal dates

How many hours do you spend per week chasing up employees who have outstanding refresher training to complete? Are line managers aware of who has completed the required training and who is still overdue?

In Thinqi, you can now set expiry dates on training along with automatic reminders to notify users ahead of time that it’s time to refresh those skills and re-earn expired badges through refresher training. With the expiry and renewal functionality, you only need to create the training once, set your dates and let Thinqi do the heavy lifting. Say goodbye to the manual burden of creating and distributing new activities every time there’s refresher training to be done—less time spent replicating content, more time for you on the L&D tasks that really matter.

What’s more, line managers can also be automatically notified when their team’s badges are set to expire, meaning a compliant workforce is no longer a one-person mission.

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Auto-enrolment for learners

Asking your employees to sign up for the necessary training themselves isn’t always effective when there are so many other priorities. All too often, training falls by the wayside as other tasks compete for their attention.

This is why we designed the auto-enrol function in our Badges feature, giving you the freedom to automatically enrol learners onto the relevant badges without the hassle of getting them to sign up in the first place. For example, perhaps you need all of your customer service team to enrol on a specific training course? No problem—with Thinqi, you can select specific areas of your organisation to automatically enrol onto certain badges. This is also an invaluable tool for onboarding, so you can rest assured that your new hires will automatically be assigned the right training at the right time, whatever their role.

Can you feel the weight of that administrative workload shrinking already?

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Support transfer of learning and retain talent

In learning and development, you may be tasked with upskilling a particular team or department within your organisation. The ultimate goal might be to drive real behaviour change and boost performance. If you’ve identified that it’s a training issue, you can go ahead and deliver the learning to your employees. However, can you really guarantee that a learned skill or behaviour will be repeated in the workplace?

This all depends on the efficacy of learning transfer.

If employees are not given sufficient opportunity to demonstrate real-world application of newly-acquired knowledge and/or skills, it becomes almost impossible to know whether or not the training initiative was a success. Fortunately, Thinqi’s badges feature lets you manually award badges for activities that occur outside of the learning system and on the job. These can form part of compound badges, which incorporate reward for learning activities completed and real-world application.

For example, a compound badge for a new hire in the sales team might look like this:

  • Badge 1 - Complete the sales induction training course. This badge is automatically awarded upon successful completion of the module in the learning system.
  • Badge 2 - Make 5 sales calls, successfully demonstrating the processes taught in the induction module. This badge is manually awarded, as the activity happens through observation outside of the learning system.
  • Badge 3 - The parent badge is awarded upon successful completion of badges 1 and 2. Once this badge is earned, the introductory sales training is complete.

Breaking down these activities into smaller, more achievable steps gives learners a clear pathway for development, which is conducive to retaining your best talent.

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What else is new in Thinqi?

While our Badges feature might be the star of this release, it’s not the only thing you can look forward to. Here’s a sneak peek at what else we’ve packed into our smarter learning system this month.

New content types

Both the Badges and Courses features now support a wider range of content types than ever before, making learning journeys more dynamic and compelling. New additions include:

  • SCORM files
  • External apps
  • Assignments

The result?

Engaged learners that keep logging in for more.

Report on progression

Progress tracking in Courses allows learners to keep tabs on their own learning journeys, but is also a valuable tool in helping you track digital body language within the system. After creating your course, you’ll now be able to gain insights through reports on progress and activity of learners who’ve enrolled. Not only is this essential for measuring impact and engagement, it’s also a practical way to determine the efficacy of preparatory learning materials. By comparing scores between those who’ve completed preparatory work and those who haven’t, you can validate the work you’ve set and demonstrate its importance.

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