What's new in Thinqi? The best way to reward learner achievement and effortless assignments...

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AuthorSteve FinchHead of Customer Success
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Drumroll please...the sun is shining, summer is here and so is the latest version of Thinqi!

With upskilling and reskilling at the top of this year’s Global Sentiment Survey, it’s more vital than ever that you nurture your in-house talent by recognising and rewarding achievement.

Sound daunting? Not with the latest update to Thinqi’s popular Badges feature, it isn’t. What’s more, it’s now easier than ever to create and distribute those all-important assignments to learners using a shiny new user interface.

Our talented learning experts have been working round the clock to bring you a more seamless, visually attractive and powerful version of Thinqi than ever before – here’s what you’ve got to look forward to.

The key to rewarding smart learning behaviours…

Here at Thinqi, we understand the importance of nurturing talent by recognising and rewarding achievement. With the Badges feature, learners are able to share their achievements and proudly showcase the knowledge, skills and qualifications they have acquired through great work.

The result? An effective way to encourage repeat learning behaviours and to challenge any (false) perceptions that learning must be a chore.

In this release, we’ve now evolved the Badges feature to give it a shiny new authoring tool, classification of badges and the ability to publish to different audiences for a more personalised experience, perfectly tailored to individual progression.

This means that everybody knows exactly where they are and what needs to be done – and, of course, can proudly demonstrate those positive learning behaviours that are the cornerstone of a solid learning culture.

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Less admin, more learning…

That’s the dream, right? Well, with a bit of our Thinqi know-how, you’ll be pleased to discover that the Assignments tool has not only had a sleek new makeover, but is also easier and more intuitive than ever.

The Assignments tool gives you the power to build formal learning programmes with multiple steps, allowing you to monitor your learners’ progress and understanding of certain topics.

In this latest version, you’ll now be able to share your assignments to all networks on the platform, ensuring that all learners, regardless of which group they belong to, get access to the learning that they need with minimal effort from you.

Create, click, share, done.

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