What's new in Thinqi this December?

AuthorSteve FinchHead of Customer Success

Christmas has come early to Thinqi HQ as we release the latest version of our smarter learning system. This December, we’ve packed it with updates that will have you and your learners more excited than a kid on Christmas Eve—but unlike other learning systems, we’re not just about shiny features and added sparkle. Our team has been working passionately to design features that are proven to give you better insights into learner data, hook your learners with timely and relevant content, and successfully create motivated cultures that never stop learning.

Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to.

Personalise the learning experience with targeted, relevant content

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Psst. Personalisation is going to be big in 2022. The ‘Innovation in L&D and HR’ survey by Donald H Taylor at the end of 2021 revealed that personalisation was the number one issue that L&D and HR were looking to solve with learning technologies. We’ve taken this emphasis on personalisation going into 2022 and brought you more power to tailor learning content to specific teams and departments within your organisation.

By curating recommended resources, you can provide better-quality content that’s targeted, timely and far more likely to engage time-poor modern learners.

Get the job done with compliance training—minus the stress

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In our last update, you’ll remember how we updated our Badges feature to take the headache out of compliance.

Well in this update, we’re going a step further so that you’ll now be able to define which of your badges are optional and which are mandatory. By setting your compliance training as a mandatory badge, you can rest assured that any learners you need to complete it will be auto-enrolled so they know to get the job done.

Perhaps compliance training at your organisation also happens at different times for different staff (e.g. new hires starting at different times throughout the year). We’re now giving you the option to set the due date based on the enrolment date to ensure everyone stays compliant within their own personal timeframes.

Because let’s face it: a compliant workforce is never just an option, but it also shouldn’t be an administrative headache when you’re a busy L&D professional.

Better learning experiences for maximum learner engagement

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According to Fosway’s ‘Digital Learning Realities 2021’, 92% of L&D managers believe enhancing the digital learning experience is a priority and critical for the future success of their L&D team, with 53% reporting that digital learning fatigue is becoming more of a problem. To combat brain drain and boost engagement, there’s now a wider variety of learning content to include in your badge pathways to create a learning experience people will keep coming back for.

Whether it’s assignments, events, badges, playlists, SCORM, external apps (LTI) and now classes, networks, resources or courses (phew!), there’s a whole learner experience to construct. The journey to learner reward and a brand-new skill set just got even more appealing.

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