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Workplace learning events have been running a little differently this year. We’ve all quickly had to adapt to swapping handshakes for friendly waves on video conferencing platforms, and tapping our questions into chat functions rather than raising our voices from a packed audience. We’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to present a barcode from a lanyard to access an event – instead, we’re typing in passwords and waiting for an event host to press a button to allow us entry.

Promising a combination of first-hand case-study presentations, lively discussions, interactive seminars and even an exhibition area, the World of Learning Summit 2020 is taking place virtually on 9th-10th of December and we’ll be there exhibiting and exploring the hottest topics in L&D today.

What are we most looking forward to this year?


Embracing mistakes as a powerful means of learning

Head of Learning at CIPD, Andy Lancaster will be talking about the concept of mistake-based learning on the first day of the summit. How often have you felt embarrassed by your mistakes? Are you reticent to engage in anything new or to practice a new skill for fear of appearing foolish?

By avoiding these risks, you may be missing valuable learning opportunities. In his session, Andy will be exploring the research that forms the basis of mistake-based learning and suggesting tactics to harness these mistakes for learning.

For those who are particularly interested in technological aspects of L&D, this will also be an opportunity to hear more about how technology and simulations can support mistake-safe performance improvement.


Lessons from COVID: some things to keep, some things to leave

What does ‘the new normal’ look like? How has it changed and how do we prepare for learning and training in life after COVID-19?

This has naturally been a predominant theme in learning events this year, including the virtual Learning Technologies Summer Forum in July. For many L&D departments, this will be a chance to wipe the slate clean and develop strategies in a new way towards organisational goals.

In this session, Membership Director of CIPD David D’Souza promises to provoke further thinking around the topics of career development, collaborative working, technology and organisational structure in a post-pandemic world.

2. Champion Your Ambassadors for Learning.png

Champion your ambassadors for learning

Whether it’s an LMS, an LXP or any other modern learning platform, your organisation’s learning technology should be an effective vehicle for identifying and developing the ‘intangibles’ of your workforce – that is, those ‘intangible’ characteristics such as dedication, influence and creativity.

In such a precarious current climate, these hidden talents have never been so vital. They often prove to be the true indicators of the future leaders and achievers that will help your organisation grow.

In this session, our very own Steve Finch will be discussing how learning technologies can help us measure and monitor the intangibles to help you bring out the very best of the talent that lies within your organisation.

Join us at 2pm on 9th December to find out more.


Principles for professional virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms can be exciting, collaborative, practical and, admittedly, daunting. If you’ve never facilitated an online classroom before, it can be difficult to know where to start – particularly if you’re not attuned to the nuances of digital body language.

However, when it comes to delivering engaging virtual classroom sessions, there’s no better person to take advice from than Jo Cook, Founder and Director of Lightbulb Moment. In a session that will teach participants how to ensure learning is business-focused and why meaningful, frequent interaction is the way forward, this is a discussion that promises to be full of insight and practical tips.

For more on digital body language, see our blog post, ‘What is Digital Body Language in L&D?’

In summary…

The World of Learning Show is always a wonderful opportunity to see and sample the latest L&D developments, hear from leading industry thinkers, and meet face-to-face with some of the brightest people in L&D.

To find out how Thinqi can help power up your people with learning and drive organisational performance through the roof, make sure you come and chat to us at the free exhibition!

We might not be able to provide you with coffee and nibbles this year, but we can of course provide you with expert knowledge and a friendly face.


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