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It started as a big dream... ...in a small college a long time ago.


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The 90s

The late ‘90s were a time of optimism in the UK.

Amidst Britpop and New Labour’s ‘Education, Education, Education’, two young teachers, Dan and Cathy Sivak (that’s us), were inspired to embark on a lifelong learning journey.

We chose to work in the community college space, reaching out to those who had been failed by traditional education, where learners were labelled as ‘hard to reach, hard to teach’.

Through the power of learning, we wanted to create learning opportunities that were accessible to all and left nobody behind.

It was at this time that a new technology emerged that changed everything—the ‘Information Superhighway’...or the Internet as we know it today. Immediately we saw the impact it would have upon learning and helping people to achieve their full potential, regardless of background.

Always on, always accessible, and always empowering people to Never Stop Learning.

It’s the philosophy that still drives us today.


The very first version of our learning system took its first tentative steps as it began its work in the UK education space.

While we didn’t have a name for our learning system yet, we did have big ambitions and a passion for learning opportunities for all.


We asked the team—those who had crafted and nurtured our smarter learning technology—to finally give our learning system a name to remember.

Thinqi was born. #ThinkSmart #ThinkThinqi


We might have started small, but now Thinqi’s reputation for learning excellence had caught people’s attention.

We were proud as punch to deliver Hwb, the national learning system for all schools in Wales. At this point, even our kids were using it (no pressure!).


Who said smarter learning had to stop there? At Thinqi HQ, we know the importance of putting proven digital pedagogy first and using technology as the enabler for learning that works.

With our inclusive learning model, a new incarnation of Thinqi was unveiled—one perfectly suited for the corporate market to support continued professional learning journeys.


Passports at the ready…it was time for Thinqi to go global.

Drumroll please…2018 marked possibly the largest single national implementation of a learning system anywhere in the world. All schools in Egypt were now using Thinqi to get the best learning opportunities that would open doors for bigger and brighter futures. But by 2020, a new challenge presented itself…


The Covid-19 pandemic shook the world. Schools closed. Transitioning from classroom learning to digital proved a daunting prospect for schools and workplaces alike. How could learning continue?

With a lot of hard work (and a huge amount of passion), Thinqi enabled children right across Wales and Egypt to never stop learning…even in the face of a global pandemic.

Today, from schoolchildren in North Africa, research scientists in the US to senior leadership teams in Finance, Insurance and Healthcare sectors across the UK, Thinqi is contributing to the transformation and development of people and organisations across the globe.


Over 25 million people are learning smarter and realising their ambitions with Thinqi.

With our team of dedicated learning experts with you every step of the way, are you ready to start your journey with smarter learning?


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