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Thinqi is transforming education for millions of teachers and students worldwide.

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Thinqi is the learning platform of choice for regional and national governments, academy trusts and schools.

A blend of learning experiences help deliver contemporary curricula as well as facilitating a STEAM approach and TVET, promoting a lifetime of learning.

Key benefits for education

Created by teachers, for teachers

Thinqi is founded on 50+ years of educational practice. As teachers, we’ve used our expertise to inform the online experience and we’ve found the perfect balance – combining personalised learning journeys with effective workflows to create successful outcomes.

Develop transferable skills

Follow an inquiry-based model of learning using Thinqi’s tools to develop independent study skills and critical thinking. From searching for resources to creating their own, Thinqi encourages learners to build knowledge and skills at their own pace. Collaborative spaces can be used to explore ideas and embrace new perspectives.

Facilitate a blended approach to learning

Thinqi manages a range of pedagogies to meet your needs. Share resources, send assignments and monitor progress. Alternatively, flip the classroom giving your learners not only underpinning knowledge but the tools to discover, create and manage their own learning. Whether you’re teaching face-to-face or remotely, we have what you need.

Boost learning through assessment

Ongoing assessment and reporting is essential in any teaching and learning environment to identify gaps and support intervention. Formative and summative assessments can be developed using Thinqi’s content creation tools and distributed in a range of formats – from digital resources and assignments to randomised question banks. Assessment made easy!

Integrate with your favourite tools

There’s plenty of educational content and software available, and you’re bound to have your favourites. Thinqi makes it easy to keep everything in one place by integrating seamlessly with international publishers’ content and existing educational tools.

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Success stories

Solutions to education challenges

Thinqi solves challenges for schools, academy trusts and government departments just like yours. Take a look at the success stories below to find out more.