Refreshingly different

Thinqi has been designed to be different! It refreshes the way your learners engage with their development, providing a smart and effective way to improve their skills. Think different, think Thinqi.

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Here are some of the reasons why these organisations choose Thinqi…

Personalised Dashboard

Provide a personalised learning experience.

The Personalised Dashboard contains ‘to do’ lists, courses, recommended resources based on your activity and interests, announcements and upcoming events – it’s your jump-off point into the platform.

Digital Library

Support self-directed learning with Thinqi’s Digital Library.

Upload and organise everything from documents to rich multimedia content. Browse through categories of content or search by keyword to find exactly what you need. The Library also integrates seamlessly with commercial content. Smart, right?

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Curate and create engaging, adaptive and great-looking content using Playlists.

Write your own material, add resources from the web or Digital Library, build formative and summative assessments, and you’re good to go.


Use Assignments to prescribe formal tasks and identify key learning trends.

Smart workflows can be used to set work and track progress. The Markbook reports on xAPI-based outcomes, enabling you to identify trends, analyse data and respond to the learning and development needs of each learner.


Organise and deliver your curriculum content using Courses.

Create schemes of work with a user-friendly interface that can drill down to single sessions. Add resources, playlists, assignments and even events. Your curriculum, your way.

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Your people are your greatest asset.

Give your coaches, mentors and subject-matter experts visibility in your organisation, then allow them to connect with people to share their knowledge.


Nurture talent by recognising and rewarding achievement with Thinqi’s Badges.

Create learning pathways that reward both knowledge and skills, ranging from course completion to event attendance. Achievements are recorded in the learner’s profile and can be shared to demonstrate success and progression. Great job!

Networks and Classes

Looking for a space to collaborate? Somewhere to share resources, ideas and opinions with peers or specific user-groups?

Use Networks and Classes to encourage inquiry and critical thinking. Add marked assessments into the mix and the learning journey is complete.

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Events is your one-stop-shop for managing online and offline sessions.

Create, list, book and host face-to-face courses, webinars and workshops. With discussion and resource sharing capabilities, your session really can have it all. Survey tools enable you to evaluate success.


Support provides success

Building success together

Our team of learning experts are passionate about delivering customer success. Bringing vast knowledge and experience in digital transformation, our team is committed to delivering success at every step of your learning journey.

  • Dedicated customer successAn advocate, advisor, and strategic thinker; your Customer Success Manager will help you reach your training goals.
  • Smarter implementationHere to guide your launch, our seasoned onboarding specialists will provide platform training and plan every step of your roll-out.
  • World-class support24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our globally-located, knowledgeable and dedicated Technical Support Reps will never leave you waiting.
  • Thinqi AcademyMaster every aspect of training by exploring our on-demand, up-to-date Knowledge Base and Customer University.

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