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Your learning system is a strategic investment. The right choice can help you upskill your workforce and provide an impressive return on investment (in fact, 72% of organisations report gaining a competitive advantage through use of a learning management system according to Towards Maturity and eLearning Industry).

The right learning system will provide you with the tools you need and support the necessary processes to achieve measurable success in L&D. In other words, it’s your enabler for your best L&D solution yet.

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Organisations are now adopting a more integrated learning approach which blends online training courses with workplace-based, informal learning. With hybrid ways of working now becoming the norm and increasing pressure on L&D teams to upskill the workforce to adapt to these changes, it’s vital that you are not only able to reach people with the right learning but can assign the relevant development pathways to future-proof your workforce.

Before investing in a learning system, it can be confusing trying to compare the variety of types available and the wide-ranging feature sets on offer. If one of the first engagements with a vendor is a long and impressive-sounding list of features, then you will end up letting the tail wag the dog, so to speak. Remember, unless you can get people to engage with the learning, the feature set is largely irrelevant.

We advise creating a list of requirements aligned with the aims of your organisation (you should involve your stakeholders in this process). Your organisational objectives will help you decide what you need the technology to do. The right vendor will have the right analytics and the right customer success support to align the learning to tangible outputs. Is your aim to increase the percentage of staff retention, for example? Maybe it’s to improve the percentage of sales growth?

The key thing is to find the right solution that meets the unique needs, aims and budget of your organisation – our learning experts at Thinqi will be more than happy to talk through this with you (just fill in the form above to get in touch).

Remember: your technology will serve as a tool to help you achieve success and should not be looked to as the overall solution.

Thinqi’s APIs are designed to be extensible, which means it’s simple to plug into your digital ecosystem. This ensures a seamless experience between your digital applications, whether this is provisioning users, access to content or feeding into your HR system and business intelligence (BI) tools.

If you’ve got third-party training materials (e.g. a Linkedin Learning course) you want to include in one of your modules in Thinqi, you can do this hassle-free.

YesPlaylists is a rapid content creation tool that makes it easy for you and your subject matter experts to write or upload your own material, include resources from the web or select something already created from your Digital Library. You can also add quizzes and assignments as part of your content playlists to check knowledge along the way.

The best brands deliver a consistent experience and your learning system should create a positive association with your brand. This is particularly important if you want to start building a learning culture right from the moment new hires are onboarded. Thinqi’s dedicated branding options can incorporate your colours and logos to make your new hires feel part of the culture, right from the very beginning. Your brand, your way.

We believe success is built together and we know it’s a worry when other vendors promise the earth but leave you stranded when it comes to rolling out a digital solution across the organisation.

Our onboarding process is part of our 3 Steps to Success – a process where our team of learning experts will guide you through each step towards ongoing success; from onboarding to piloting, live launch and beyond. A blended mix of strategic thinkers, doers and educational consultants, your Customer Success team will help you reach your training goals every step of the way.

You’ll also have access to our top-rated help desk (our clients give our support team a 99.9% 10-star score for satisfaction). It’s what you get when you combine a passion to help with 24/7 support, wherever you are in the world.

Yes, Thinqi is fully responsive for mobile devices and modern web browsers so you're free to learn on the go.

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