Design and deliver learning programmes that work

Structure, curate and create your learning content

Thinqi’s Courses app lets you structure, create and curate your content to deliver learning programmes that meet the needs of modern learners. Create great learning content using Thinqi’s easy-to-use tools or include third-party content – building your blend of online and offline content couldn’t be easier. Whether it’s videos, events, articles, assignments or virtual classrooms, it’s about your blend, your way.

Bite-sized learning for busy learners

Aggregate your learning activities into bite-sizes chunks such as modules or units, then schedule to ensure your learners get the right learning at the right time.

Share responsibility for learning

Creating and managing courses doesn’t have to be a one-person task either. You can assign roles to different members of your team so responsibilities can be shared (can you feel the weight of that pressure lifting already?). Get your subject matter experts to create content, your trainers to train while you stay updated with progress and attainment, and make learning a team effort.