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Businesses that learn smarter outperform the competition

The way we work is constantly changing and the need to adapt is critical. It's time to upskill, reskill and adapt through the power of smarter learning.

Always on, always accessible and ready to scale when you are.

Prove the ROI of learning in one central hub

Analytics are key to an effective L&D strategy, but data doesn’t have to be daunting with Thinqi. Measure compliance, engagement and achievement, assess skills and monitor digital body language in one central system.

Present your data with clear visualisations, prove the impact of L&D and let the numbers do the talking.

Early engagement through better onboarding

Never lose the energy and motivation of a brilliant new hire through a poor onboarding process. Make a lasting first impression with Thinqi, your go-to tool for welcoming new staff to the team, providing them with 24/7 access to personalised learning pathways and providing bite-sized content that ramps up time to competence.

Put the shine back into talent management

Nurture and develop your talent from day one. Assign mandatory onboarding training, then build more specialised training and content recommendations into individual pathways based on career ambitions to take your talent to the top. Succession planning means you’ve always got a pipeline of talent ready to fill in the gaps.

Visibility of learner reports for your line managers in Thinqi provides detailed insights before those all-important performance reviews and ascertains stakeholder involvement throughout. When combined with Thinqi’s collaborative Networks feature, a coaching dynamic ensures learners are continuously supported throughout self-directed and remote learning journeys – and means they’re always encouraged to never stop learning.

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