Learning that hits objectives

Set work-based objectives for learning

Goals and objectives in Thinqi enable your line managers to set work-based objectives alongside learning activities so teams can work together towards a shared vision of success, whether these are key results or overarching business objectives.

Track completion of learning activities against objectives

Give your line managers and learners full visibility of how the completion of learning activities links to objectives. Line managers can mark tasks as complete, but add an impact rating for how well it has been applied to provide performance ratings for staff.

Provide a clear sense of direction for learning

All goals can be aligned with core role competencies. This ensures learners have a clear view of what they need to do to become proficient in their role, and the tasks they need to evidence successful transfer of these in the workplace. Once completed, learners can evidence this completion and have an ongoing dialogue with line managers.

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Create pipelines of talent

Used in conjunction with Thinqi’s suite of talent management tools, goals and objectives allow you to track and manage your talent pipeline. You can see who has completed their success profiles, and who also has a high performance rating.