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With a focus on research and development, our team is constantly keeping up-to-date on the latest developments and ensuring our learning system is fit to deal with emerging challenges.

Here’s what’s happening in our R&D Lab currently

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Artificial intelligence (AI)

ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs)

There’s no doubt about it – ChatGPT has been one of the most disruptive developments in technology we’ve seen for a long time, with plenty of potential for good (but only if used right). LLMs like these are catching everyone’s attention at the moment.

However, we need to understand that these are language models and don’t necessarily understand anything about the topics they produce content about. This means any application of them needs to be approached responsibly – which is what we at Thinqi are busy researching right now.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

AI assessment support

We are currently looking at how we can train machine learning models that can support L&D practitioners in reducing cognitive overload in daily tasks. Can we help save you time on the assessment and marking process, for example?

We’re also exploring the introduction of new assessment workflows like Comparative Judgement. This uses AI to learn from the process and spot patterns, trends and possibly even biases in marking.



Commitment to open standards

We’ll be extending our implementation of LTI in future, both as a learning tool consumer and provider. This means we’ll be embedding third-party LTI tools in even more of our workflows, giving you more insights from your learning reports to share with the wider business.

We’ll also be extending the range of services that our Thinqi learning system exposes as LTI tools and investigating new contexts that Thinqi can work in – including options for faster distribution and onboarding to get your workforce up to speed in no time.

New study tools

Enhancing the learning experience

At Thinqi, we’re constantly learning and innovating to bring you better tools to deliver an exceptional learning experience. Currently, we’re looking at better bookmarking, curation, sharing and collaborative media annotations for those that enjoy learning via video.

Thinqi mobile

Learn with Thinqi on-the-go

Whether it’s half an hour on the daily commute or a quick lunchtime learning session, we’re developing the Thinqi Mobile app for a great learning experience wherever and whenever learners choose.

Keep checking back to see what else our team of learning experts are working to bring you very soon.

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