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In a fast-paced world, the way we work is continually evolving. High-performing organisations need to adapt quickly and empower their people to embrace change. Encourage a culture of opportunity in your organisation by providing modern learning experiences that enable upskilling and reskilling. Thinqi can help engage your workforce and elevate the performance of your organisation. Modern learning starts now!

Key benefits for businesses

Adapt and develop skills

Use your expertise to create up-to-the-minute learning opportunities using Thinqi’s content creation tools. Whether it’s original content or material from reliable sources, it’s easy to build and share resources to enable your employees to meet the development needs of your organisation.

Engagement, early!

Make onboarding easy and engage new talent using the Networks feature in Thinqi which connects new starters with their team and subject-matter experts. Thinqi’s onboarding guide also provides a personalised learning journey for employees consisting of bite-sized content that speeds up time-to-competence.

Nurture talent

Knowing what skills you have as well as what skills you need in your organisation means you can provide professional learning that benefits you and your employees. Thinqi enables you to develop a culture of learning and opportunity, connecting learning development pathways to career and business-driven goals.

Reward and recognise

Drive towards professional standards by rewarding your users as they learn. Whether it’s through collaboration, independent or directed learning – use Thinqi’s Badges and certification to recognise achievement and link to your incentivisation programmes.

Measurable learning

Analytics are key to an effective L&D strategy, but data doesn’t have to be daunting. With Thinqi, you can easily measure compliance, talent progress, engagement, digital body language and achievement. When it comes to proving the ROI of learning to your organisation, let the numbers do the talking.

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